LTE/5G Filter

Model: 5G-FLTR
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  • Overview

    Package Dimensions and Weights

    Weight: 0.12 LBS
    Height: 9.75 Inches
    Width: 7.75 Inches
    Depth: 1.00 Inches
  • Tech Specs

    • Eliminates 5G LTE signal interference
    • Removes interference above the 608MHz frequency range
    • Provides long-term benefits by ensuring stable TV reception quality
    • Stay ahead of TV interference issues from new 5G towers by installing this filter before the problem arises


    • Improved Reception - The 5G filter can help improve television reception quality by filtering out unwanted interference from nearby 5G cellular towers.
    • Future-Proofing - With the ongoing expansion of 5G cellular networks, this 5G filter can provide long-term benefits by ensuring that television reception quality remains stable even as more 5G cellular towers are installed.
    • Affordable Solution - The installment of 5G cellular networks has expanded the use of frequency bands that were previously used for television broadcasting. Recently, the FCC did a channel repack that expanded the frequency range above 608 for 5G LTE signal usage. As a result, 5G signals can interfere with television reception, causing issues such as pixelation, loss of channels, or other signal disruptions. This 5G filter can block out these unwanted signals and allow TV signals to pass through, which allows for improved reception quality.
    • Easy Installation - A simple process that does not require any tools or technical expertise and can be installed effortlessly with any TV antenna.
    • Free Winegard Apps - While millions of Americans can receive dozens of free channels in their area, availability varies by location. Check your location for available channels and find best placement using our free TV Signal Finder (with AR) Mobile App.

    • Maximum Programming - Complement the offerings of your streaming service with free, local HD channels! Winegard digital HD Antennas and a streaming service or device make the perfect pair to watch all your favorite shows without the high cable bill. Pay only for the content you want with a service like HuluPlus or Netflix and get the top-rated shows for free with a Winegard digital HDTV antenna.

    In The Box

    • 5G LTE Filter
    • Printed Documentation
    • Install: Intended to be installed between the TV and any power inserter
    • Warranty: 90 Day Warranty
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