Elite 360 Pro

Model: HA-2000
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  • Overview

    Package Dimensions and Weights

    Weight: 4.40 LBS
    Height: 3.88 Inches
    Width: 18.75 Inches
    Depth: 14.75 Inches
  • Tech Specs

    • Antenna Directivity: Omnidirectional
    • Reception Types: VHF/UHF
    • High VHF (Very High Frequency): Provides channels 7-13 in the frequency range 174-216 MHz.
    • UHF (Ultra High Frequency): Provides channels 14-36 in the frequency range 470-608 MHz.
    • Compatible with any streaming device with over-the-air integration, TV, DVR, or computer with a digital tuner.
    • To receive programming, run a channel scan on your TV after setting up the antenna. To keep your channel lineup up to date, it is a good idea to run a channel scan monthly and anytime a channel is lost.


    • 1-Year Limited Warranty

    • NextGen TV Compatible
    • Tuning into your favorite shows is just a click away via the Winegard app
    • Seamlessly connect to TV signals from over 55 miles away
    • New design allows the Elite 360 Pro to be installed on a mast, railing, roof, or side of a house


    • Multiple Installation Location Options - New aesthetically pleasing housing integrated with a modern universal mount allows the Elite 360 Pro to be installed on a mast, railing, roof, or side of a house.
    • App-Enabled Interactive Bluetooth® Technology - Pair the Elite 360 Pro with Winegard’s free, interactive app to find optimal antenna placement in your home for the most channels at the highest signal strength.
    • Winegard App Makes You a PRO at Antenna Installation - Available for iOS and Android phones, our intuitive mobile app simplifies the antenna placement process with visual and audio indicators that provide feedback on signal strength in real time.

    • Omnidirectional Reception - The Elite 360 Pro receives VHF and UHF signals in crystal-clear HD from any direction—up to 55 miles away. No rotor or pointing needed.
    • State-of-the-Art Amplification - The built-in preamplifier boosts the signal right at the antenna, making up for signal loss from long cable runs and splitters. Plus, Winegard's Clear Circuit Technology offers the lowest noise figure (1 dB typical) to deliver more range and less signal dropout and pixelation.
    • Easy DIY Install - Download app. Position antenna for maximum channels and signal strength. Watch FREE TV!
    • Cut the Cord and Save - Did you know the average home pays over $750/year for cable, receives 189 channels—but uses only 17 of them? Why pay extra for programming you don't watch? The Winegard Elite 360 Pro indoor HDTV antenna gives you access to TV channels from major local broadcast networks. Watch top-rated shows, live sports, local news, and weather with no programming fees!

    In The Box

    • Printed Antenna Integrated with Amplifier in Plastic Housing with Integrated 20 dB Preamplifier
    • App-Enabled Bluetooth® Technology Signal Meter
    • Power USB Cable
    • Metallic L-Pipe
    • Plastic Adapter
    • Fixed Plastic Foot
    • Adjustable Plastic Foot
    • Hardware Bag with Mounting Hardware
    • Printed Documentation
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