Sensar IV HDTV Antenna

Model: RVW-395
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  • Overview

    Package Dimensions and Weights

    Weight: 10.20 LBS
    Height: 8.00 Inches
    Width: 48.00 Inches
    Depth: 15.75 Inches
  • Tech Specs


    • Receives all available VHF/UHF/FM channels
    • Unsurpassed range of 55 miles
    • Optimized for every digital channel in all markets


    • Extended Range up to 55 Miles - Long-range, amplified VHF/UHF antenna with unsurpassed range, allowing you to watch channels broadcast from up to 55 miles away. The built-in amplifier boosts weaker television signals giving you crystal clear reception.
    • Receives All Digital and HD Channels - Optimized for digital HD reception, the Sensar IV excels at UHF (channels 14 to 51) and receives hard-to-get VHF (channels 2 to 13) digital channels so you can enjoy watching all your favorite local programs in standard or crisp clear HD.
    • Best in UHF Performance - Integrated Wingman UHF Booster optimizes the Sensar IV for digital TV (DTV) channels and increases UHF performance by up to 100%
    • Simple to Use - Raise, lower, and rotate the antenna with the hand crank from inside your parked RV to pinpoint the exact angle for best reception.
    • Long-Lasting Durability - Powder coated for long-lasting durability with over 30 years of experience on RV roofs. Sensar antennas have passed rigorous UV and environmental testing.
    • Low-Profile Design -Stows to just 4" while traveling to protect against tree branches, wires, and other obstructions.


    • Requirement: Requires a minimum of 16" from the boom to the edge of vehicle or nearest object.
    • Clearance: Lowers to only 4" above the roof while traveling
    • Antenna Directivity: Multidirectional, receives signals from multiple directions simultaneously.
    • Reception Types: FM, VHF/UHF
    • Frequency descriptions:
      • VHF (Very High Frequency): Provides channels 2 -13 in the frequency range 54 - 216 MHz
      • UHF (Ultra High Frequency): Provides channels 14-51 in the frequency range 470-698 MHz.
    • FM Radio: Provides stations in the frequency range 88 -  108 MHz
    • Power Supply: +12 VDC
    • Compatible Networks : HDTV TowersOver-the-Air Logo
    • Complimentary: Telephone and email support
    • Online: Technical manuals and instructions
    • Support: Large Dealer Support Network


    • 2-Year Parts, 1-Year Labor Warranty


    • Sensar IV Antenna Head
    • Integrated Wingman UHF Booster
    • Sensar Lift Assembly
    • Interior Controls
    • +12 VDC Power Supply
    • 20' Coax Cable
    • 6' Coax Cable
    • Mounting Hardware
    • Printed Documentation
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