Harvesting data and delivering it in real time

Using satellite communications to collect vital information right from the field, farmers can make better decisions, faster. Smart farming means using big data technology to make agriculture more precise, more efficient, and with bigger yields.

Winegard cellular devices link to nationwide 4G LTE for reliable, uninterrupted, in-motion and stationary coverage! More powerful than your smartphone or hotspot device, Winegard cellular devices provide maximum security and faster internet speed to keep mobile devices, media players, and computers connected anywhere.

To most, an access point and repeater/extender are the same, but they are not. More than an off-the-shelf access point, Winegard WiFi devices are more powerful, reliable, and portable. While access points simply connect you to a wireless signal, our WiFi devices not only connect to, but also expand existing signal coverage over a larger area.

At Winegard, we design and engineer products to adapt to new standards. Expand your connectivity with our Winegard ConnecT family of products and data plans, as well as other cellular-enabled products.

Compatible with DIRECTV, DISH, and Bell TV, Winegard DuraSAT in-motion, roof-mounted satellite antennas permanently mount to the roof of a vehicle allowing for quick setup and no storage space required. The DuraSAT has been rigorously tested for reliability and ruggedness in environments where vibration and harsh weather conditions are a factor.

The DuraSAT satellite antenna requires permanent roof installation using the RK-2000 roof mount kit. Winegard cellular data devices may be permanently mounted to a vehicle roof or temporarily mounted to a vehicle ladder or window.