RV Halo

Winegard provides you with a smart ecosystem to allow you to secure, monitor, and control your RV from anywhere. Outfit your RV with the right ecosystem to enable a seamless smart experience.

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Monitor the health of your RV

Take a look at your smart devices while using the RV Halo App, whether locally or remotely. Never have to worry about what's going on in your RV when you're away as long as an internet connection is active. See key stats and figures regarding the systems within your RV.

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Secure your RV for peace of mind

Monitor your RV from anywhere with the RV Halo app. Know in real-time where your RV is and whether it breaks a set parameter called a geofence. Now experience complete peace of mind knowing where your RV is and the status of any doors or windows that are equipped with the appropriate security sensors.

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Solutions for

Smart RV

RV Halo Voice device

Smart Cam

View camera and enjoy an Amazon Alexa voice assistant

RV Halo temperature sensor


Monitor safety and security of your RV with smart sensors

Gateway router

Compatible Devices

Tie other Winegard devices into the RV Halo ecosystem

RV ecosystem for all your needs

We reinvent your experience in your RV with convenience and control to power your mobile lifestyle.

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