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Weekend Warriors

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Stay on top of things with a smart system

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Monitor your RV with ease

Take your RV living experience to the next level with amazing smart devices from Winegard that are specially designed for the RV environment. Seamlessly add and manage these devices locally and remotely using the intuitive RV Halo App. Enjoy increased convenience, safety, and security during your entire RV journey.

Maximum Convenience

Easily manage all of your Winegard smart devices using the RV Halo App. Now an intuitive app dashboard gives you all of the insights and controls to truly enjoy a modern RV experience. From viewing a security camera to checking up on your data usage, the RV Halo App provides an incredible amount of convenience right at your fingertips.

Increased Safety

Get notified if anything is of concern within your RV, whether that involves a water leak, spike in temperature, or anything else that is centrally monitored by the RV Halo App and the connected RV Halo ecosystem devices. Now you can have peace of mind regardless of being in your RV or away from it.

Improve Security

Monitor the security of your RV locally or remotely using the RV Halo App. Know when a door or window is opened and gain access to RV Halo smart security cameras. Also track your RV location using the GPS-enabled features, including a geofence to notify you if your RV goes out of a specified boundary. These features are enabled with the required RV Halo ecosystem products.

Activate a Data Plan to Enable RV Security

It is critical to have an active data plan or other internet connection in order to take advantage of the powerful geofencing features of RV Halo. Enable a Cellular data plan for your Winegard Gateway router or get the router online through WiFi and then activate a subscription in RV Halo to take advantage of these features.

RV Halo is the future

Not only does the RV Halo app provide you with great features and benefits, it paves the way of the future for Winegard connectivity and user experience. We have exciting plans to expand the functionality of the app and the products that it enhances. Get ready for the future!

Solutions for

Smart RV

Smart Cam

View camera and enjoy an Amazon Alexa voice assistant


Monitor safety and security of your RV with smart sensors

Compatible Devices

Tie other Winegard devices into the RV Halo ecosystem

Smart ecosystem to tie it all together

Smart ecosystem to tie it all together

Winegard creates a user-friendly and robust smart experience for your RV. Outfit your RV with the greatest Smart RV devices that are propelled by a stellar app.

RV Security

Smart ecosystem to tie it all together

Winegard creates a user-friendly and robust smart experience for your RV. Outfit your RV with the greatest Smart RV hardware that is propelled by stellar software.

RV Security

Which RV Halo app solution fits your needs?

Enjoy convenience and maximize your RV experience with our guidance. Opt for our free membership or elevate your experience with the Pro version for a nominal fee.

Features RV Halo Free RV Halo Pro
Connect to all your compatible Winegard products in one app
Locate OTA channels and satellites with AR
Purchase FreedomGO data plans
Monitor connectivity usage and source(s)
Search with a GPS-enabled mobile device for faster satellite acquisitions
Monitor search sequence and access enhanced diagnostics
Update product software
Register your Winegard products
Access product manuals and support
Remotely track installed sensors
Get 10% off data plans
Find my RV
Weather at my RV
Share my RV location
Custom geofencing
Route tracking
Remote device details

Ensuring Peace of Mind for your RV

Safety, security, and protection for your home on wheels regardless of where you are.

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