Remote work has revolutionized the workspace allowing for more and more individuals to pursue greater freedom into alternative lifestyles. Living in your RV or campervan full time has only recently become a viable alternative for everyday working folk.

If you’re thinking of taking the dive into the off-grid lifestyle, you’ll need certain products to facilitate the switch to the life of a digital nomad. Your list should include sufficient power setup and internet connectivity products, to create a comfortable office space that promotes healthy work habits and productivity.

RV Essential Products

Working from your mobile home can only be possible with the right RV products that create an environment with a consistent power source, reliable internet connectivity, and enough space to carve out a personal workspace.

Solar Panels

Hint, shore power campground connections are not always reliable. Consider Solar panels to harness direct light and heat from the sun and to generate a renewable power supply.

Solar panels generate electricity through the use of photovoltaic cells or panels that capture and magnify the sun’s solar radiation into electrical charges that interact with an internal electromagnetic field completing an electrical circuit.

This electricity is then stored on batteries that power your RV’s electrical system and all electronic devices on board. This new-age, green solution requires an upfront investment, however the energy independence is well worth it in the long run.

Office Nook

When talking about a recreational vehicle, space and comfort are always a topic of concern. It is easy to assume that any couch or bed can double as a makeshift work station. However, the possibility of backaches and neck posture as the result of poor choices is real. Here are few recommendations to optimize your space for comfort while getting down to business.

  • Non-sliding office chair – Typical office chairs that slide and swivel freely can be great annoyance on a motor vehicle in constant motion.
  • Raised laptop stand – Consider an ergonomic laptop stand that promotes a healthy standing posture to avoid a slouched, sedentary position for long stretches of time.
  • Headphones – Investing in a quality pair of noise cancelling headphones or ear buds is a great way to hone in on work and avoid common distractions on the RV.
  • Blue light glasses – Laptops, computer screens, and smartphones all emit blue shades of light that can cause eye irritation, headaches, and migraines with prolonged use. Blue light glasses filter out this shade of blue from your device’s screens to reduce eye strain.

RV Connectivity Products

The main priority of any individual pursuing an off-grid alternative lifestyle is generating a secure Wi-Fi connection that allows for instant internet connectivity round the clock for work, leisure entertainment and everything in between. In order to secure a reliable and fast internet connection, you’ll need the following components in your off-grid setup to ensure smooth sailing.

  • Wi-Fi extender - A device that boosts the effective range of your Wi-Fi connection by repeating the Wi-Fi signal across a greater area to bolster a greater range of connectivity.
  • Hotspot device - A router/modem that creates a Wi-Fi connectivity hub for devices to access the internet in a given physical radius.
  • Satellite antenna - A device that captures and transmits satellite TV, radio, and even 4G/5G LTE signals to the RV for multi sources of entertainment and connectivity.

These devices work to increase your connection speed, improve accuracy, and provide reliability even in the most notorious dead zones. These features guarantee that you’ll be able to enjoy reliable Wi-Fi, 5G/4G LTE, HDTV, FM radio all in a seamless experience.

Below are 5 options to maximize your in-motion technology connectivity experience while operating your RV with Winegard devices:

1. Gateway - 4G LTE & WIFI Router

This handy device pairs with the Air 360+ to maximize available Wi-Fi signals such as campground Wi-Fi or your cellular provider network. The Winegard FreedomGo SIM card comes preinstalled for easy activation with an additional SIM card slot for your own data provider certified with the major carriers (AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile).

Package content includes:

  • Router
  • Power cable
  • Hardware
  • Ceiling mount plate

2. RangePro - Cellular Booster

This compact, powerful device enhances your phone service signal at no additional monthly charge compatible with all major North American phone carriers including 5G bandwidth.

The roof-mounted, omnidirectional cellular antenna connects to an indoor booster via a coaxial cable that transmits a boosted signal to the interior of the RV. Dual option powering for greater convenience and an industry leading 3-year warranty.

Package content includes:

  • Antenna
  • Mount
  • Hardware
  • Adapters

3. Smart Signal Meter

Boost your TV signal with a USB powered, Bluetooth enabled meter that allows you to fine tune the position of your directional antenna. The built-in LTE filter eliminates interference and delivers crystal clear picture quality. Download the easy-to-use Winegard Connected APP to access the integrated channel finder.

4. Sensar IV - HDTV Antenna

Enjoy your favorite HD TV programming from over 55 miles away. Our roof-mounted, over-the-air antenna delivers unmatched reception for endless entertainment on the road.

5. The RoadTrip T4 Satellite

A sleek, roof-mounted antenna that gives you unlimited access to HD TV programming and compatible with Dish or DirecTV. The modern build and design deliver improved signal reception and reduced interruptions. The compact size is perfect for RV use.

A Trusted Connectivity Partner

Winegard is a proven leader in off-grid connectivity solutions that are as innovative as they are reliable. They continue to pave the way in next-gen connectivity products that are future proof and built tough for the best user experience.