Extended Connectivity

Winegard cellular data devices link to nationwide 4G LTE for reliable, uninterrupted coverage! Our long-range, high-performance cellular & WiFi products turn ‘WiFi Dead Zones’ into entertainment zones with a secure connection at the fastest speed available. Whether you are with AT&T or Verizon, our cellular extenders keep you connected on land and water.

Winegard cellular devices link to nationwide 4G LTE for reliable, uninterrupted, in-motion and stationary coverage! More powerful than your smartphone or hotspot device, Winegard cellular devices provide maximum security and faster internet speed to keep mobile devices, media players, and computers connected anywhere.
Staying connected while traveling helps keep folks on the road longer because they can interact more readily with home, work, family, and friends. Our 4G LTE products and mounts give the customer more options such as on the roof, the RV ladder, placed on a window, or the rear cab of a semi.
Winegard cellular accessories are available both at Winegard.com and through local dealers. If you're not sure what you need, review the box contents online or in the manual for the antenna you own, or contact tech support for further assistance.
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