RV Cellular Boosters

Enhanced cellular signal

Get signal farther from the cellular towers

Stop dropping your phone calls

Improve your voice signal strength with the RangePro. Avoid dropping calls when in areas of low or spotty cellular signal. The RangePro provides exceptional voice reception for your cell phones.

Increase 4G LTE speeds

Have more 4G LTE performance through the RangePro which can dramatically increase your throughput. This leads to a better mobile experience for all of your LTE devices.

Works with all North American carriers

Install the universal RangePro which works with all North American cellular carriers. The product works to boost the signal of multiple cellular carriers simultaneously. Now enjoy improved signal from all your favorite cellular carriers.

Connect like never before

The RangePro offers improved connectivity for multiple cellular devices inside any RV. Plus, better data speeds and battery life for devices.

Communicate without limits

The high-gain exterior antenna captures signals from all directions, meaning you'll enjoy increased cell coverage even in remote, off-road situations.

Rely on robust hardware

The RangePro is made with tough materials and is engineered to last a long time. Trust the durability of proven hardware.

Place where ideal for best results

RangePro comes with flexible and durable antenna mounting options that let you install the exterior antenna on a side ladder or directly to the RV roof—whichever spot offers the optimal placement. Maximize the distance between the exterior and interior antennas for best results.

Tech support based in the USA

We're proud to offer an industry-best 3-year warranty and lifetime tech support based in the USA. You can rest easy knowing you'll always get the help you need.

Improve both voice and data connectivity with the Cellular booster

The RangePro is a Cellular booster that is designed to enhance your smartphone's connection to your network carrier. Now enjoy reliable voice and data connections with a boosted Cellular signal.

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