RV Multi Source Routers

Connect without limits

Use any of your internet sources through one system

Consolidate your internet
and network

Simplify your internet and network experience with a multi-source router from Winegard. The multi-source router becomes the central connection for all of your computers and devices while getting online through any of your internet sources. Now experience seamless internet from WiFi, Cellular and Satellite through one multi-source router.

Switch between internet sources seamlessly

A multi-source router allows you to quickly switch between your various internet sources, whether WiFi, Cellular, Satellite, or Ethernet. Use the best internet depending on your location and what is ideal for speed and reliability. Say goodbye to downtime and hello to connectivity freedom.

Securely connect all your computers and devices

Gone are the days of setting up your TV, printer, computers, tablets, smartphones, and more each time you get to a new location. Now you can enjoy a secure network that is always available for your computers and devices. Save time each time you change locations and enjoy true ease of use with a multi-source router.

Ensure your devices are connected and protected

Protect your computers and devices while connected to a secure network with WPA encryption and a strong firewall.

Connect through a variety of internet sources

Sit back and relax instead of switching all of your computers and devices from one internet source to another. The multi-source router takes care of the details and gets your computers and devices online through your various internet sources with the click of a button or automation.

Connect to smartphone Hotspot wirelessly

Any Winegard multi-source router can connect wirelessly to a smartphone's Hotspot to utilize the Cellular data for internet. This improves convenience and can also be setup to happen automatically.

Reach WiFi at farther range

One of the core advantages of a multi-source router is that it takes care of the connection to WiFi. Since the routers have powerful radios and antennas built-in, the range is improved.

Integrate your network with Starlink satellite

The multi-source routers from Winegard are designed to detect when they are connected to Starlink, whether wirelessly or hardwired depending on your setup. Use these systems together for the ultimate internet experience.

Enable WiFi Calling

Easily and reliably make phone calls when not in Cellular network coverage or when such coverage is spotty. Simply connect your smartphone that supports WiFi Calling to the Winegard router and ensure your phone has WiFi Calling enabled. The Winegard router will provide a better Cellular connection than a smartphone, enabling you to make calls when otherwise unable.

Solutions for

Multi-Source Routers

Gateway Routers

Expand your AIR 360+ by adding a Gateway for WiFi and LTE connectivity

ConnecT Routers

Reach farther than ever and pickup WiFi and Cellular signals from greater distances

Converge Routers

Bring everything together and interconnect all your devices with all your internet

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