RV Halo Sensors

Smart Sensors

Travel smart. Stay connected.

Focus on the adventure

With Smart RV Sensors in place, you're free to immerse yourself fully in the adventure ahead. These sensors provide peace of mind, ensuring all is well with your RV, so you can concentrate on making memories. Let the journey unfold while Smart RV Sensors keep a vigilant watch.

Simple integration

Integrating Smart RV Sensors is as effortless as setting up a device and configuring on an app. With its intuitive design and user-friendly interfaces, setup is completed in minutes. Experience seamless integration and embark on safer, smarter journeys.

Smart RV System IOT Sensors

This all-inclusive kit arms your RV with cutting-edge technology, allowing you to monitor critical conditions in real-time. From detecting unwanted moisture with the water sensor to ensuring optimal climate with the temp and humidity sensor, this pack has got you covered. Plus, with the inclusion of the PIR motion sensor and contact sensors, security is effortlessly integrated. Simply plug in the USB dongle, and transform your RV into a smarter, safer home on wheels.

What is included in this kit?

Contact Sensor (2)

Know instantly when a door or window opens or closes

Instant Alerts

Enhanced Security

Versatile Use

Simple Setup

Long Range

Great Battery Life

Water Sensor (1)

Guard your RV against unexpected water damage

Instant Alerts

Damage Prevention

Proactive Protection

Simple Setup

Long Range

Great Battery Life

Temp & Humidity Sensor (1)

Safeguard your refrigerator or the ideal climate in your RV

Instant Alerts

Precise Monitoring

Ensure Pet Safety

Simple Setup

Long Range

Great Battery Life

PIR Motion Sensor (1)

Get notified of any movement at crucial entry points.

Instant Alerts

Reduced False Alarms

Works in Darkness

Simple Setup

Long Range

Great Battery Life

USB Dongle (1)

Plug into your Gateway router* and gain cloud access

Instant Alerts

Immediate Cloud Access

Seamless Integration

Simple Setup

Free RV Halo App

Blending tech with convenience for uninterrupted adventures

Pro Membership Option

One-Stop Solution

Register Products

Simple Setup

* Early Gateway routers did not come with a USB port; check to ensure yours has a USB port.

RV Halo App Features
Upgrade to Pro Membership for exclusive access
  • Remotely track installed sensors
  • Access to exclusive data plans
  • Get 10% off data plans
  • Find my RV
  • Weather at my RV
  • Share my RV location
  • RV anti-theft mode (geofencing)
  • Pet safety mode and alerts
  • Remote device details
  • Plus, more features coming soon...
RV Halo App Features
Unlock seamless connectivity
  • Connect to all your compatible Winegard products in one app
  • Register your Winegard products
  • Access product manuals and support

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Ensuring Peace of
Mind for your RV

Safety, security, and protection for your
home on wheels regardless of where you are.

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