Winegard Launches Industry-First Smart HDTV Antenna

Oct 27th 2020

The new Winegard Pro Series integrates Bluetooth® technology-enabled signal meters into consumer HDTV antennas for the first time. This marks one of the most significant advances in the industry this century.

Burlington, Iowa, October 27, 2020Winegard, the company dedicated to designing and manufacturing the greatest range of world-class connectivity products and services, announces today the launch of its new Pro Series of smart HDTV antennas.

Pro Series antennas have an integrated signal meter that pairs with the Winegard – Connected app through Bluetooth technology. This makes it amazingly easy to carry out real-time channel scans and direct an antenna to receive the highest signal strength.

“When people try to find the best position in their home to pick up the most channels, they end up getting frustrated and return the antenna,” says Aaron Luttenegger, Winegard Director of Business Development and Sales.

“It’s also a commonly asked question in online cord-cutter forums: Where and how do I place my antenna? The answer is an integrated signal meter.”

“We’ve pushed the physics of antenna technology,” says Winegard President Grant Whipple. “Now it’s time to push the customer experience forward.

“This app and signal meter combo is a user-friendly solution to antenna placement. You pair the two via Bluetooth, follow a couple of on-screen instructions, and see exactly which spots around your house have the best reception for the most channels. And if you have a favorite channel you want to pick up, the app makes it easy to hone in on that station for the best reception.

“Standalone signal meters have been available to professional installers for a long time. But Winegard is the first to empower customers directly. I think they’re going to love the freedom of setting up antennas without the middlemen.”

The PureTV Pro 60 HDTV Antenna is the first release in this new Pro Series, with more models to launch in the coming months. You can find it right now at select Best Buy locations and

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