Winegard Company Acquires WiFiRanger

Aug 19th 2020

This merging of forces marks a new chapter in Winegard’s drive toward technological innovation and customer-focused expansion.

Burlington, Iowa (August 19, 2020) — Winegard, the company dedicated to designing and manufacturing the greatest range of world-class connectivity products and services, announces today it has acquired WiFiRanger, a leading mobile technology developer.

Based in Meridian, Idaho, WiFiRanger is dedicated to producing American-built, top-of-the-line wireless routers for life on the move. The RV and marine markets are the primary targets for WiFiRanger, where it seeks to resolve security and connectivity issues, especially in weak-signal situations. WiFiRanger will continue to operate as a standalone brand.

A phenomenal partnership
“I am thrilled to welcome WiFiRanger into the Winegard family,” says Grant Whipple, Winegard Company President and COO.

“We’ve worked together for some time now, and they’re phenomenal partners. We’ve come to understand how both companies’ cultures and visions align, and how WiFiRanger’s technology will continue to push the industry forward. They bring so much networking and cloud computing experience to the team. This depth of knowledge will make our combined company stronger as we grow in areas such as 5G, AI, the Internet of Things, and more.

“Above all, the expansion in product offerings will be extensive. For example, while we have some highly innovative 4G hotspots for RVs right now, WiFiRanger has a great breadth and depth of solutions, too. This acquisition allows WiFiRanger to bring these products to customers under a brand name that they know and trust.”

An immensely gratifying milestone
“This is an immensely gratifying milestone in nearly two decade’s worth of hard work,” says Kelly Hogan, CEO of WiFiRanger.

“The alignment of the two companies makes so much sense. I always envisioned WiFiRanger as a disruptor, bringing new ideas and different ways of doing things to the market. This includes fresh approaches to media and staying connected in general.

“Since 2001, we’ve pioneered efficient connectivity solutions for the RV park industry, evolving our technology to include both park systems and consumers. This synergy is pivotal for further innovations in the industry.

“With this mission in mind, it makes sense for us to align with an established industry player like Winegard. They have more than 60 years of experience, along with a stellar reputation that will accelerate our combined drive to remain on the cutting edge.

“I’m most excited about the future breadth of products the combined company will be able to offer the industry. It’s no longer going to be a case of building one-size-fits-all products. The engineering and R&D capabilities to which we now have access will accelerate the industry’s connectivity and media options.”

Customers can expect an even greater array of connectivity solutions
“Winegard is moving with our customers, and this merging of top talent and expertise is part of that,” says Grant.

“We’re providing lifestyle-enhancing technological solutions that are ahead of the curve. That means it’s essential to expand on Winegard’s traditional strength as a satellite and antenna manufacturer. Together, we will bring an even greater array of wireless connectivity products and services to the RV market and far, far beyond.”

Cutting-edge technology delivered fast and direct
Life changes as quickly as technology does, which is why Kelly was inspired by Winegard’s ability to bring products to thousands of RV dealers, opening up whole new avenues for high-volume distribution.

“Winegard’s ability to deliver at scale was a big deal for me,” he says. “Being able to manage logistics and supply chains…those things are bread and butter for Winegard. But more than that, it’s good for me to know that Winegard has the vision to go into unknown markets, that Grant is willing to push the boundaries, and lead the industry.”

Boundless potential built on a legacy of quality
Grant says, “Essentially, this is about producing tech that is so integrated into people’s lives it becomes almost invisible. It’s about improving people’s quality of life. That’s how big we’re thinking.”

“The potential for this acquisition is boundless. And in my mind, we’re building on the legacy that John Winegard left for us. He started this company in his garage decades ago by building that first antenna, a technology still in its infancy back then. Like him, we’ve always had eyes on the future, and our vision is going to keep us at the forefront of change.”

About Winegard Company
Winegard Company is a trusted partner for designing and manufacturing the greatest range of cutting-edge connectivity solutions, including WiFi, 4G LTE, 5G, satellite, IoT, broadband, video, and over-the-air technology for residential, commercial, and mobile.

Founder John Winegard invented the multi-channel Yagi antenna, and since its incorporation in 1953, Winegard has designed more than 1,000 antenna models and been granted more than 90 U.S. patents. The company's heritage includes recognition by NASA for contributions to the Apollo 11 mission, and the induction of John Winegard into the Consumer Electronics Association Hall of Fame. Winegard's high-performance designs for TV, wireless, and cellular technologies are manufactured in the U.S.A.

Headquartered in Burlington, Iowa, Winegard has locations in Illinois and Indiana. The Iowa-based facility totals 410,000 sq. ft. and includes a state-of-the-art testing, validation, and measurement center.

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