RV Culture is as incredible as it is mysterious in 2022. Many people might hear the word and it conjures images of the 1973 Ford Condor 2 from the cult classic film National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. In reality, RV Culture can only be described more and more with luxury terms as it has evolved over the years.

You have to remember that before the fad of tiny homes, there were RVs. Spurred on by innovative technology and desires to connect with nature, RVs represented the best in automotive vacation travels that took you across the country and through gorgeous national parks, even with their humble design beginnings.

Over the decades, the perks of these niche automotive campers took on new meaning each time a new design rolled out. Not only were you able to travel wherever you wanted but you could do it in style. Now that it’s 2022, top luxury style RVs come with the newest integrated technology to support the work-from-home lifestyle.

That’s what makes RVs and work-from-home culture the Romeo and Juliet of the 21st century, only this time there’s a happy ending. They were meant to be. But in order for this partnership to work seamlessly, your RV needs to be equipped with the right tools.

Winegard knows exactly how to make this perfect match decked out in every high tech. device you need to support this beautiful partnership between RV’s and work-from-home culture. Here are 5 devices your RV can use to perform anywhere on the road, even while enjoying time in the heart of the mountains.

Winegard’s Perfect RV Devices and Accessories:

  1. Cellular. Winegard’s cellular products link to 4G LTE and 5G, providing stable coverage even while you’re tirelessly working away during your travels. These cellular devices pack a lot of power and can outdo the competition. So, if you’re hoping for full coverage and efficient internet speed for your laptop as you work from your RV, Winegard’s all-in-one connect Wifi Extenders are the way to go.
  2. Portable Satellite Dishes. Experiencing the wonders of nature and travel in your RV is a highlight, but it’s important that you maintain your internet and streaming TV connections. Most people, even if enjoying nature, still want to enjoy the modern convenience technology brings. These dishes work effortlessly to connect your RV with the right service provider without interruption.
  3. Satellite Dish Accessories. Mounting your satellite dish accurately will be key during your RV travels. Winegard has a variety of types that can allow you to securely mount or place your dish in different areas while simultaneously dismounting them quickly if needed. The Portable Satellite Antenna Tripod Mount is made of aluminum and has the ability to adjust height, which allows for a clearer signal away from the ground. There is also a bolt that keeps your satellite and tripod from getting taken.
  4. Repeaters. RVs are on the move, and you’ll need to securely connect to your Wifi signals to remain productive in your work week. Winegard’s Repeaters are excellent at increasing your connectivity range, which comes in handy as you travel far and wide.
  5. The Winegard Data Plan. With some of the best connectivity out there, Winegard offers their own data plan for all your cellular needs. There are a variety of GB options, nationwide coverage, and the ability to stay connected while on the go.

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