Cut the Cord Solution

Save money and enjoy local TV

Reduce your monthly expense by cutting the cable bill

Enjoy Over The Air TV for free

Winegard has been a longtime maker of high-quality and high-performance Over The Air TV antennas and amplifiers. These antennas and amplifiers bring in local TV channels for free. Just pay the purchase price of the ideal OTA antenna setup and then enjoy free programming.

40 to 70mi Max Range

Reach local TV broadcasts from extreme ranges that depend on which model of antenna and amplifier you choose.

NextGen TV Compatible

All Winegard Over The Air TV antennas are compatible with ATSC 3.0 for improved picture and sound quality.

Numerous Mounting Options

Winegard has the right antenna to fit your installation needs and requirements.

Cut the cord and save

Did you know the average home pays over $750/year for cable, receives 189 channels—but uses only 17 of them? Why pay extra for programming you don't watch? The Winegard antennas give you access to TV channels from major local broadcast networks. Watch top-rated shows, live sports, local news, and weather with no programming fees!

Pro models for fine-tuning antenna position

Pair the any Pro antenna with Winegard’s free, interactive mobile app to find optimal antenna placement in your home for the most channels at the highest signal strength. Make any non-Pro antenna capable of fine-tuning by adding a signal meter.

Winegard Creates Connectivity

Easily find free TV stations, locate TV satellites,
and avoid obstructions during antenna setup.

Solutions for

Cutting the Cord

RV Free Over The Air TV

Receive free TV for essential viewing

Home Free Over The Air TV

Receive free TV for essential viewing

Tailgate Free Over The Air TV

Get and share the game from over the air

Truck Free Over The Air TV

Receive free TV for essential viewing

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