Rugged and compact

Smallest, most powerful portable antenna, made from high-strength, military-grade aluminum reflector for improved signal strength and durability.

Nationwide HDTV coverage 

Works exclusively with DISH HD Solo receiver technology, bringing you crystal-clear HD programming. Playmaker Dual supports 2 receivers for two tvs.

DISH Playmaker

Portable antenna powered through receiver, only requiring coax cable. Fast acquisition time through a customized receiver interface. Single output or dual output (for 2 TVs) models available. Bundle options include Wally receiver.

Portable Automatic Satellite TV Antenna

DISH Pay-as-you-go

No contracts, commitments or credit checks. Only pay for the months you use.

Or add to your current home subscription and only pay for your mobile receiver monthly.

DISH, Playmaker and Wally are registered trademarks of DISH Network L.L.C.