Grant Whipple



Grant Whipple is the President and COO of Winegard Company, a trusted connectivity partner with a long history of designing and manufacturing world-class products since 1953. In his role, Grant designs and implements the company's vision and mission, promotes company culture, and oversees its operations, including executive output.

Grant is a seasoned technology/business executive and is adept at identifying opportunities that lead to the development of high-performance products and services. His move toward an e-commerce business model will allow businesses and end-consumers an all-in-one experience with the Winegard brand and products online. Grant's strengths, leadership, and focus have also led to strategic acquisitions, edging forward Winegard's position as a connectivity leader.

During his 15-year tenure, Grant has led the company through several transformations—from securing partnerships with the largest national and multinational retailers to harnessing the power of cloud computing and AI to support Winegard's ever-growing offering of Smart Wireless Solutions.

As a transformational executive with foresight and imagination, Grant has an impressive history of surpassing ambitious business goals, delivering growth, and creating new revenue streams. Now, with global reach in mind, Grant's mission is to erase the lines between technology and human experience by offering best-in-class Smart Wireless Solutions for home, RV, marine, and industrial use.

Grant earned his MBA from Rochester Institute of Technology and his B.A. from Augustana University, where he played NCAA football. He lives in Burlington, Iowa, with his family.