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The last ten years have been tumultuous for the American manufacturing sector, which had already seen more than its fair share of difficult decades before the Great Recession of 2008. In fact, U.S. manufacturers were fighting an economic downturn before the recession hit, seeing productivity growth in the 1990s decline steadily in the early- and mid-2000s. Today however, manufacturing is now enjoying something of a renaissance. As companies across all industries launch or expand their manufacturing operations in the U.S., they can look to Winegard Company, based in Burlington, Iowa, for lessons on how to effectively address a wide range of issues. Download White Paper (PDF)
The installation of communication platforms for the oil and gas industry has traditionally been a time consuming, expensive and complicated process. The setup of a fixed antenna platform required a communications engineer on site, not only driving up costs, but also making the equipment vulnerable to damage. Winegard’s line of auto-acquire VSAT antennas solve these problems with antenna systems that can establish an automatic satellite connection with the push of a button, and be transported safely and easily. Download White Paper (PDF)
If you are researching an initial VSAT purchase or wanting to update an older system, there are several critical factors you should consider before you buy. In addition to making sure you find a quality product with a reasonable price tag, your considerations should extend into the financial stability and reliability of the supplier, as well as that of the antenna and terminal products. Do the equipment supplier and the integrator have superior engineering expertise and experience? Can they customize the VSAT equipment for your specific needs? And, can they do it in weeks instead of six to nine months? What is the customer service and after-the-sale follow-up service like? Is a lot of technical assistance required? Download White Paper (PDF)