Pressroom Case Studies

Case Studies

Elara Comunicaciones is a leading provider of telecommunications and technology in Mexico and Latin America. The company began operation in 2004 and has grown into one of the largest public network dealers and satellite operators in Latin America. Elara now relies on more than 6,000 VSATs for transmission and reception for business traffic related to voice, data and video. Elara began partnering with Winegard to create a network of VSAT auto-deploy antenna satellite systems that would meet the expectations of Elara's customers. Download Case Study (PDF)
In some of the most remote locations and hostile environments on earth, providing voice, data and video communication links back to company headquarters or other locations is a business necessity. Whether those sites are in the Arctic, Malaysia, Saudia Arabia, Texas or the Gulf of Mexico, VSAT satellite systems provide an ideal communication medium because of its data security, no need for a computer and broadband speed of data transmission. Download Case Study (PDF)
Hermes Datacomms is a communications provider for the oil and gas industry worldwide. The company connects onshore and offshore drilling platforms located in some of the world’s most remote and challenging environments. Based on discussions with its customers, Hermes began working with Winegard on a VSAT system that would provide mobile broadband with a skid that houses the antenna’s electronics in a climate controlled environment. The final product was a Winegard SF1200 antenna with a “Hermes” skid that maximizes transportability and eliminates the need to have a “building” for the electronics. Download Case Study (PDF)